Marijuana Business 101

Build your Dream: build your very own Successful Marijuana Business.

There are a lot of factors that go into the idea “build a marijuana business”. Marijuana-focused businesses are on the up right now because of the booming medical marijuana industry and the inevitable legalization of recreational cannabis in both Canada and the United States with a focus on California, the world’s 6th biggest economy. The fact that several Canadian provinces and American states have made medical marijuana legal is helping to boost this momentum.

Not to mention that Colorado, Washington, and Nevada have all approved recreational marijuana dispensaries. Now you can drive down the street to pick up some primo marijuana just like you can drive down the street and grab a bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer.

If you are thinking about starting a marijuana-focused business, be sure to check in with your town’s regulations on the sale and distribution of marijuana. Once you know you can start your own business, make sure you invest some solid time and effort into proper branding – just because the industry is new doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put effort into it.

Next, make sure you have an online presence in terms of social media and a professional website. These are key because the industry is not allowed to market or advertise through other digital and traditional marketing avenues.

One last key piece of advice that we can give you is to generate publicity for your business. The saying “any press is good press” stands strong in the cannabis space but you need to make sure that it is with some positive light. It’s already hard enough to shake the negative stigma… it has only taken us fifty years!

How do you do this? Build a solid press kit! What makes a really good press kit? See below.

–       A genuine story: share the come up story, share insight into your drive, and let your community see the human behind the business. It is much easier to find something in common with another human being rather than a business.

–       Make sure you share some company facts. How many customers do you have? When did you start operating? When did you first have the idea to start operating? Fill in the blanks with a bunch of cool and interesting facts about yourself, your team, your product, and your company.

–       High-resolution images of your logo and branding are key! Make it really easy for publishers and writers to fall in love with your branding so that they feel excited about sharing your story. They don’t want to look bad by sharing ugly content so give them the good stuff!