The future of cannabis businesses looks Bright!

The future of global cannabis looks incredibly bright and this is saying a lot for such a young industry. Government’s all over the world are actively pursuing complete legalization and decriminalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, and publicly traded marijuana corporations are flying high. Just look at the Canadian Stock Exchange. If you build a marijuana business today, it could mean you’re getting ahead of a very lucrative curve. We see the temptation in your eyes!

Canada, Justin Trudeau has done everything in his power since 2013 to reassure the people of Canada that marijuana would be legalized – a huge breakthrough for a “drug” that has been prohibited in Canada since 1923. Not to mention that a strong majority of Canadians agree with the Liberal government of Canada and their plan to legalize marijuana. A poll done in 2016 showed that 68% of Canadians want to see this drug become available through local dispensaries.

Another statistic that backs up this claim is one made by Forbes in February 2017. A new report from New Frontier Data projects that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs which means that Trump’s administration will be forced from cracking down on cannabis companies considering that Trump and his administration are pro Job creation.

The legal cannabis market’s worth in 2016 was an estimated $7.2 billion and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17%. Now is your chance to get a piece of the pie. What are you waiting for?